Car rental companies: why geolocate vehicles?

Geolocation-assisted fleet management tools, applied in the rental field, can be very useful in managing short-term or long-term rental vehicles.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinumsoftware provides a large amount of features that are of interest to vehicle rental professionals. The needs of these professionals in fleet management lie in the following:

  • Find in real time the vehicles rented in case of emergency, if a vehicle is stolen, the operator will send a stop order of the starter to immobilize the vehicle, and give the location of the vehicle to the police who will go to retrieve it.
  • Organize the parking of rental vehicles: allows you to quickly find the location where a vehicle is parked, on which car park, which saves the operator extra time and avoids looking for a vehicle where it is not.
  • Make statistics and calculate vehicle utilization rates: Know which vehicles are most used, count the number of kilometres on the meter, read the date of the last maintenance, which allows you to better target vehicles that require maintenance, and also simplify the number of vehicles billing steps.
  • Build a database of the entire rental vehicle fleet and have access to vehicle information such as the date of the last maintenance, the type of fuel or the vehicle registration number, which will simplify the administrative tasks of the operator.
  • Be alerted in real time by email and SMS in case of entry or exit on a specific area such as garage, parking, or in case of an unauthorized exit from territory.
  • Know in real time the condition of the fuel tank of rental vehicles.
  • Reduce insurance costs.

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