Drivers: waiting time = paid work time

According to a judgment of the Social Chamber of the Court of Cassation delivered February 08, 2017, it has been decided that the waiting time spent by a driver at a loading or unloading point constitutes actual working time and must be paid as it.

Many users of the Gold and Platinum platforms have already enjoyed for some time, a feature allowing them to set points of interest on these loading or unloading points, and be alerted if the waiting time you have agreed to as reasonable is exceeded.

See, for example, your driver has an appointment at a specific time for a load on a point of interest Upon arrival at the loading point, the teams on site are not ready and ask your driver to wait til his turn arrives. Except time goes on, to the point that the reasonable waiting time you have set on the software is exceeded, and you receive an alert by SMS or email warning you of this affair. You are therefore informed in real time of the problem and you can, from this moment , contact the person in charge of the loading team and explain that your driver is paid during his waiting time and for that reason, You’ll have to charge him again..


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