Fleet management

flotte de camions cargo géolocalisées
Gestion de flotte de différents véhicules
flotte de camions cargo géolocalisées

Fleet management

Fleet management

Geo-location software has become an essential tool for professionals who manage a remote fleet of vehicles. This assisted fleet management approach via geolocation meets the requirements of reducing maintenance costs, operating costs, and compliance with the internal security policy or HSE.

Whether the vehicle fleet is made up of one to several thousand vehicles, our geolocation platforms are perfectly adapted tools to meet modern management and organization requirements

Gestion de flotte, gestion du carburant

Companies operating in the transportation and roaming business sectors are forced to face the constraints of rising fuel costs and operating costs in an increasingly competitive environment Profit margins are shrinking.
Companies opting for the adoption of geolocation solutions manage to reduce their expenses and thus increase the profitability of their activity. Globo Afrique’s solutions guarantee a better organization of the activity by optimizing the routes, a reduction of 15% fuel and operating loads from the first equipped vehicle.

Transport companies are increasingly confronted with rigorous legislation due to the nature of their activity, goods transported sometimes classified as dangerous (ex. hydrocarbons) They are required to meet HSE standards or strict internal security policy to reduce the risk of accidents and / or incidents Globo Afrique’s solutions make it possible to enforce and comply with internal security policy in full transparency. Our system controls compliance:

  • Speeds required by the Code of Conduct according to zones
  • Mandatory rest and driving time limits
  • Delivery times
  • Dangerous roads
  • Routes defined by the customer

Our systems can define specific abnormalities to customers and instantly alert by email or TEXT officials in case of infringement or accident

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