Staff management

A delivery boy in his geolocation car

Staff management

Mobile workforce management is a major aspect of geolocation for businesses. By equipping your vehicles with geolocation boxes, you can follow your employees remotely and communicate their instructions to them, or receive information that requires a quick decision on your part.

This monitoring of people ensures the safety of employees during working hours and thus reduce the risk of material and human damage

In missions on isolated territories, the worker / driver is able to send an SOS by activating a button and be located and rescued in a short time

Geolocation of staff as part of a mission
Geolocation of a mobile team

In addition to security issues, geolocation assists the company in its management of human resources
It reduces overtime by better organization of work or facilitates the payment of these by reliable data.
Geolocate your mobile units it is also a control of the proper use of vehicles during their working time and thus allow a considerable increase of your productivity
Finally, you are able to evaluate your drivers according to different indicators: The number of deliveries made, Eco driving or citizen driving, activity times (…)

Geolocation also provides information on the driving style of drivers, such as rough driving or excessive speed. Through a scoring system and rewards, geolocation will advance your employees who adopt a responsible, economical and environmentally friendly driving style and reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle fleet

Geolocation of a vehicle, which provides information on the driver's driving style

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