Fast food delivery: why geolocate two-wheelers?

Fleet management tools including geolocation , and more generally on-board computing solutions, applied in the field of fast food, can be very useful for the delivery of pizzas, sushi, kebabs, etc.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinumsoftware provides a large amount of features that are interesting for fast food professionals. The needs of these professionals in fleet management stay in the following points:

  • Real-time locating delivery guys scooters or vehicles : lets you know what a delivery guy is doing in real time, if he’s riding or if he’s on a break, and where, which empowers the delivery guy and commits him to follow delivery schedules.
  • See route histories: allows the operator to ensure that the delivery guy has passed through all the delivery addresses, to find all his journeys, to count his number of errands, the driving time, the distance covored, to find the violations of the speeding, knowing the time range of a trip. Some of the operator’s tasks are therefore automated, for example he will no longer need to manually enter vehicle mileage, which will save his time and comfort in the execution of his work.
  • Make statistics and calculate vehicle utilization rates: to find out which vehicles are most used and the number of kilometers on the odometer, in order to allocate free vehicles more equitably to drivers, which allows for better targeting of vehicles requiring maintenance. Also to find out when the driver started his day and what time he finished it, which has the quick effect of making him responsible for his punctuality and respect for his working hours.
  • Recover a vehicle in case of theft: If a vehicle is stolen, the operator will send a stop order from the starter, the vehicle will be immobilized and will give the location of the vehicle to the police who will pick it up.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Secure drivers in the event of an assault or accident with an alert button, which makes it possible to react more quickly and to prevent rescues; to do road prevention by controlling the speed of the vehicle, and by enforcing the rules of eco-driving; while allowing the driver’s responsibilities to be cleared through the Crashbox which gives access to a large amount of information prior to a possible crash, which will allow to avoid conflicts with insurance companies..
  • Build a database of the entire fleet of vehicles and drivers, In order to simplify the administrative tasks of the operator, by centralising the information and allowing him to better organize himself; have access to the vehicle information such as the date of the last maintenance, the fuel type or registration, to know who drives which vehicle at a time T through the use of Dallas keys.
  • Be alerted by SMS or Email: The operator is notified in real time in case of non-compliance with the instructions, eco-driving or authorized speed; if a vehicle enters or leaves the garage, or a specific location such as a recurring customer address or an area where parking is not allowed.

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