Operating Mode

The GPS trackers:

The AVL case is a sophisticated electronic case depending on the needs and the trade. These boxes are equipped with a GSM modem operating in GPRS mode, a GPS chip, a microprocessor, a memory block and inputs / outputs capable of receiving external devices or driving accessories These boxes are hidden in the vehicles and remain permanently connected with our communication frontals via the operator network of the SIM card and this for a reduced cost (subscription provided and supported by Globo Afrique).

The box records informations and transmits it at regular intervals. As a general rule, we program them to transmit a position every minute as well as each change of status (activation or deactivation of an input, reception of a signal on the serial port, etc.)

The AVL boxes are different depending on the needs, from the simplest to the most complex on which BUSCAN data transfer interfaces, input terminals, navigation, relays to activate peripherals, identification keys, PTI radio for the protection of the isolated worker, etc …).

Data processing:

The AVL boxes transmit operators via the GPRS network, the information collected from the vehicles to our communication front ends

Communication front ends are responsible for receiving the information and sending it to the data servers. They also route orders to AVL cases.

Data servers process received informations and store them in different databases. They also deal with data cleaning (removal after the legal duration of the CNIL).

Finally, the web servers manage the cartographic modules, process the access rights, the user settings and return the information to the users

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