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Globo Afrique is a designer, developer and provider of geolocation solutions in Africa. We are a member of the GloboConnect network in several countries around the world.

Fonctionnement de la géolocalisation

Our experience in implementing reliable geolocation solutions and our concern to adapt our clients’ needs to their respective macroeconomic contexts has allowed us to provide significant coverage of the African continent. Globo is present in 15 countries in the sub-region.

Finally, a business policy geared towards continuous improvement, and personalized customer support, place our partners at the centre of our concerns.

Our goal

To ensure the best possible service to our customers, our objectives are concentrated around 3 points:

  • Safety: the location and immobilization of vehicles, driver recognition, entry or exit alerts from a prohibited area…
  • Return on investment: low monthly cost, savings on insurance, increased productivity, easier management of working time and fuel station, travel justification, a control tool in case of loss or offence…
  • Fleet management: location, mileage control, memory and visualization of routes, personalized and detailed reports of each vehicle’s activity, speed memorization, overtaking alert speed allowed…

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