We committed to your satisfaction, which makes it our priority, we make every effort to meet your needs by providing concrete solutions to your problems Discover some testimonials from our customers about the impact of geolocation and our solutions in the daily management of their fleet.

Cheikhna Yerim Siby

Management Controller

The security of operations is a key value of Total Senegal, it is in its “DNA”. GloboAfrique, with the technology and services it offers, enables Total Senegal to maintain a very high level of safety in the transport of hydrocarbons, of hazardous products and in the daily movement of employees». Globo Africa has had the confidence of Total Senegal for more than 10 years to carry out the monitoring of its fleet of more than 200 trucks.

Cheikhna Yerim Siby

Management Controler

06 years collaboration and we still get the high quality service.Thanks to the system of geolocation on our scooter and the reactivity of the team we were able several times to recover our stolen goods safely. Our encouragement to the whole team, continue to surprise us with new features that make everyday life easier for any manager.

Sémou Diouf

Head of Administration and General services

As Head of Administration and General Means of BSIC SENEGAL, I testify to the quality of GLOBO AFRIQUE’s geolocation service for having entrusted them with the management of our fleet since November 2015

This service allowed us to have in real time the position of our vehicles, the Eco driving of our drivers, the security of our logistics and goods transported.

The administrative and technical staff of this structure has served us good and loyal services allowing a collective awareness of our users by the respect of the internal security policy via GLOBO SOLUTIONS.

Damien Moussa MBENGUE

Logistics Controller

The contribution of geolocation to our activity today depends on the relevance of the real time informations of our fleet of vehicles and the ability to back them up to remove doubt at any time.

A good way of control but also of the management of our delivery services.