The PLATINUM platform is a superior solution that accompanies you in the management of your fleet. You have access to exception reports, Eco driving and automated reports, in addition to all the features available on the SILVER and GOLD platforms

Features in a few lines:

  • 10 exception reports to highlight specific events.
  • 6 fleet audit reports to highlight the use of your vehicles.
  • Creation of danger zones and approach report to the driver of the vehicle.
  • 2 Eco driving reports to analyze behaviors.
  • Receive reports automatically and periodically, by e-mail or on FTP server, exported in PDF or Excel formats.
  • Alarm setting via e-mail or TEXT to be alerted in real time of particular events (over-speeding, zone input / output, network loss, activation of an SOS button, door opening ...)
  • BUSCAN management to access on-board computer information.
  • Remote delivery tracking with TEXT and e-mail alarms.