Why get dashcams?

The phenomenon of dashcam videos is well known from the Internet, and YouTube is full of compilations of all kinds, including disasters, accidents, assaults (road rage), blackmailers who throw themselves in front of vehicles to simulate accidents, and even a meteor shower (see here) !

Widespread in Asia and Russia, these miniature cameras are usually installed in the cockpit and, in their simplest versions, film the front of the vehicle and record the videos on an SD card, as does GloboConnect’s Dashcam-2.

The most elaborate dashcam systems consist of several cameras that film the front of the vehicle, the sides, the rear and the interior of the cockpit. These cameras are connected to a DVR (or digital video recorder) that records different video streams on a hard drive.

GloboConnect’s Dashcam-DVR is part of this category of elaborate dashcam systems, which can accommodate up to 4 cameras and record audio and video streams on 2 1To hard drives each. Knowing that a 1To hard drive can record a streaming video for 12 days, a Dashcam-DVR consisting of 4 cameras can record up to 6 days of video. Rather convenient for long international transport!
It is possible to send video recordings remotely via wifi or 3G/4G networks, and in addition to being able to record continuously day and night, the Dashcam-DVR can, provided it is connected to a GC-XX tag, record an event particular. For example, you can set it up to record, for example, 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after braking or sudden acceleration, impacting the vehicle or an accident.

Fewer accidents, fewer conflicts, evidence in the event of an incident.

Equipping your vehicles with these recording systems gives you different advantages, in fact the Dashcam-2 and Dashcam-DVR:

  • Reduce the number of accidents and have a positive effect on driving behaviour. It has been proven that the driver of the vehicle, knowing he was being filmed, will drive with caution and consume less fuel.
  • Can resolve potential disputes with insurance companies and will provide evidence in the event of an accident, acts of vandalism on vehicles, and according to the insurer, reduce insurance premiums by 30.
  • Bring information to the police and help them understand the causes of an accident, identify the perpetrator of a goods theft or hit-and-run after an accident.
  • Helps to establish amicable findings in the event of an accident, especially when one of the parties in question challenges its liability. Make him watch the videotape extinguishes any possible dissent.

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